Nolen - Megan apache

I was Megan Apache
I was young and a blessed thing
In a life where people cast me off to the wind
That's where I found my courage
Some friends who stayed in the backseat
And some fans who'll always love me
No matter where I go
You can call me an actress
But I was larger than any guest list
Had a smile that'd leave you breathless
It'd keep you whole
I was Megan Apache
I was young and that's the sad thing
In a time where people asked me
If I'm, okay
But the silence of a bedroom
And a message that had no value
Left me singing every bad tune out of my head
So I cried into a bad dream
And the life I lived went past me
And my friends tried to catch me
But it was too late
I was Megan Apache
And some never heard of me
I was life, love, and everything
And now I'm gone
I was Megan Apache
I was young but grew so weary
I'll be a star in your best dream
When you look up
When I look up

Writers: Amari Hall

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