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Can I live?
Can I live?
Can I live?

Can I live
Like Jay
Can I Live
Wanna wife like Beyoncé
The Queen that she is
Talkin bout a ride or die chick
Got me thinkin I'm slim
Make it through thick n thin
On my life
I want it better for my kids
Ain't no way I can't keep living like this
Weight on my shoulders
I ain't even hit the gym
And yet again
What doesn't kill me
Makes me stronger
What a cliche
Music and weed
The only things that help keep me sane
On my grind out here striving tryna maintain
And make gains
Now lemme tap into this greatness
In my DNA
No worries mama
I'll retire you from CNA
Ima have you front row
At the VMAs
You paid your dues
And now I will be the change

Writers: Kevin Adinlewa

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