N ! c - Wa/onderin

Now I'm numb, and all alone again, watch me tumble on these stones again
Tides are changin', see em closin' in, but I still wonder where the road has went...

I can't breathe, but would you leave the window open, ya, I could see you leave
Just a silhouette, emotionless, you been at my leisure, with the grievances
I'm done with this, bleedin' through my T-Shirt, just a pale attempt at ending it...

I can't sleep, so would you leave the kitchen light on, dreaming of another planet
Where I'm right on, mark, with everything, ex-cept go
Now I'm wandering these streets, on my own...

I'm, hungover, this bottle of ibuprofen, is, sickening, to the bone
Am I exposin' it, living with my bullshit, couldn't help it
I implode again, dragging on, as I take another mulligan

Writers: Nicholas Olsen

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