M a r t a - Buddy

"You have always been my buddy, and these last years I've felt like I was lying to you and I wanna stop doing that so, I gotta tell you something"

I've missed you
Oh buddy
Gotta tell you something
I like you
So much
I'd take a hundred bullets just for you

I know you don't feel the same
And it's just okay
'Cause I respect everything about you
(Even if it hurts me)

I know it won't be the same
But you're my best friend
And I can't keep this for myself
I gotta tell you something

I like you
And I can't mute my heart
I love you
And now I've said it I can breath fine

It's okay if you don't feel the same
We can still be just friends
Hold our hands without any regrets
Just be there for ourselves "are you being serious?"

Remember I love you even if you don't feel the same
Just remember I'll be there

Writers: Marta Crespillo

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