Nb ridaz - Girl
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You're my lady always been so true(been so true)
this is why, I sing this song for you(I do it for you)
and you're my lady(yeah), always in my life(you'll always be in my life),
and I wanna thank you(I wanna thank you baby), for being down to ride.

[verse 1]
Forever yours forever mine our love will always shine.
No matter situation you were always by my side.
Never the less you brought the best of me the years that I lived.
Only love that I got my right hand by best friend.
Who must of sent such an angel to this world that is cold.
You belong in the heavens not this ignorant world.
You're my girl my all best thing a man could ever have.
Im glad that your mine and im proud to be your man.
Understand that theres no other if there is just a few
staying true like you never breaking no rule.
Lord forgive me for the things I have done to you.
If you werent up in my life I wouldn't know what to do.
Wont complain about no money didn't face when I was broke.
All we needed was each other love to strong to let go
If I die tonight all I wanna let you know
Remenise on what we had hold me tight
And don't let go girl.

Oh girl you're the one for me,
never ever let me down,
you will always be around.
Girl I have to thank you baby.
Always standing by my side,
so don't you ever leave my life

[Verse 2]
Even through these hard times we continue to face.
It's like deep inside of me you could never be replaced.
Like when we struggle we get tested in faith,
but you been strong and stood by me every step of way.
I thank the Lord for the day he brought you into my life.
Changed my world, my destiny and gave me new life,
So if you got somebody special, that's always been true,
show love and take note in everything that they do.
I could neva take for granted what she's done for me.
Even when we disagree she still stands by me.
Late night, road trips, showin' mad support,
The type of girl that every homie should be keepin' close.
Cuz your that type of girl that neva let me down.
Encouraged me to see the light when no one else would come around.
Down when I had money, and down when I was broke,
So if I die tonight hold me tight and don't let go!


[Verse 3]
I guess that you can say I owe my life to you.
The only dream that really matters is to be with you.
Cuz even though we argue and we fight sometimes,
You'll always be my queen until the end of times.

Im giving love to the one that always stood by my side.
If you ever need me baby for you I give my life.
You been so true thats why its you these feelings I wont hide.
My love goes out to you girl I never leave your side yeah.


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