M.a.r.s. - Foundation

Now introducing
His name is not Marlly Sounds
Now introducing
His mind is new he's prolly ground
Now jump to conclusions
I leave your brain in delusions
When I start sipping solutions
Your brain is fucked from contusions
When fuckin Riggs is producing
I'm the one that he's choosing
I'm cruising
Nigga ya losing
Fuck you thought you was proving
When I'm bobbing and weaving
You niggas standing there looping
All the knowledge I'm gaining
You niggas is barely moving
I'm a world conquerer
Don't care what kind of flex your on
One hit like Contra
Leave ya ass on methadone
Me no want no bother
Please just leave Nef alone
Recently started puffing so
All the fuckin stress is gone
I'm an old maverick
Call me Shawn Marion
You're a bus to Philly
I'm the plane you go to Paris in
When it comes to you and I
Please there's no comparison
Wanna try its suicide
Psh come and dare me then
Nigga think he a tough guy
Like I'm not sticking him up right
I'm leaving upside down from the ground
Leaving his nuts high
Getting so mad I be like yo
Use hands, touch sky
Run inside your crib like yo
I'm captain of boat right
Nobody move or I'mma squeeze
I'm so fuckin tease
Why did she do it, why did she breathe
It made no fuckin sense
Later come to find out
That that bitch done had Parkinson's
Should of known it from the moment
That bitch keep on talking shit
What's this and what's not
I bust shots that bust tops at bus stops
Nigga you shooting kids, why the fuck not
Marlly is the nice guy, Farious is corrupt cop
Talking to these bitches, spitting game and what not
From different angles
Trying these angles
Fucking isosceles
My shit is on point like arrows in fuckin archery
Curling these bitches up like mutha'fucking apostrophes
Shhh, Farious told us chill try not to breathe

Writers: Marcel Guerrero

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