C.blakkk - Cautious

You stabbed me in my back an
Now I move cautious
They done left Lil brus for dead
Somebody bring that boy a coffin
So much up in my head
I can feel my demons tryna stalk me
I be ridin' round with that lead
Cause In these streets you gotta move cautious
Ain't talking kyrie Irving like why you had to cross me
Popin pills yea I get off it
I'm stuffing product in ah stockin'
My life a movie you can watch it
I just might take off like ah rocket

When I'm off these meds I get real rowdy
To close to the edge might catch me ah body

In the front of the yo like I'm gotti
Servin that shit in the lobby
I was just thuggin' an robbin'
This street life is my hobby
New coupe but I still want the rarri
I done already said I'm sorry
Say I might have to catch ah body
I'on wanna die young
My soul might fade away
Totin ah big gun
Might be a baby k
Claiming you a witness
How the fuck you show yo face
So tired of you bitches
Neva stay in yo place
Give me some space right now
I might go crazy
You took the safer I ain't go that way
Been doing good but I done had a lot ah bad days


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