M beezi - Can't trust

Can’t trust a soul seen things you can’t comprehend
Got to keep that pole on me to the very end
If karma missed the first time she going to come again
She going to spin that block shit get hot who jumping in
What went down with Quinn will make you watch your friends
It’s distasteful when day ones become opps within
My past so dirty I had to mop again
Bro back in the pin it’s time to ride that time again
All smiles gone when they bring that coffin in
Homie killed your homie off loyalty who you offing then
How bout this stop asking see who starts offering
Nobody dead love make a cold body
Seen day ones spin each other off money I don’t trust nobody
Nigga talking about gang shit in his thirty that’s a old hobby
Will take twelve on a run come catch me dawg
The female I gave my heart she left me dawg
These tears drop I got the story it ain’t meant for y’all
But if it’s meant for you then it’s up for you
I done some horrible things so who am I to teach
Done things out of greed so who am I to speak
Closed my eyes on situations who am I to see
Didn’t listen as a youngin who am I to preach
Jumping off that porch you get your thrilling
But the most dangerous place to be at is in your feelings
Bad energy and ivy can’t associate
Can show you real but it’s up to you to appreciate
Moving fast heaven can feel a mile away
Karma will make you see how foul it taste

Writers: West Harris

Lyrics © DistroKid

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