Musiq soulchild - Thereason

Back when I was just me
you were always there to help and support my dreams
and you've encouraged me to see
and want so much more out of life
and you said never mind your fears
cause soon they will pass in time
and I want to thank you see cause

all I am and all that I will ever be
is because of you and I am so proud to say
that you've helped make me into what I am today
I applaud you for being so patient with me
all I am and all that I will ever be
Is because of you and I am proud to say
No one else could do what you have done for me
you mean the world to me yeah

There was time when I was so
frustrated with you I felt I didn't want you no more
But then I realized that without you I would be so alone (yeah)
but I chose to deal with you whether right or wrong
and I'm glad I did


See you came and change my life
you turned and empty heart into a work of art
and open my eyes to the world
I would have never known for that I'm grateful
You are my pride and joy
The closest thing to me next to the god above
and will ever be my first love
and I'm always gonna give my all to you

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