G-box da smoke - Alive

Thought about the fame, that will be ma cost of livin'
Cheated on ma bitch I hope ma wrongs forgiven
Nites I had them hoes up in the sheraton
Ma life is different from others make no comparison
Dreams of rockin' shows up in the madison
Dreams in luxury cars and a mansion
They lookin' for the smoke up in the buildin'
I'm tryna make ma money rite n stack it up to the ceiling nigga
Unbelieve stories you jus a lil nigga, niggaz claimin' they
Flippin birds I hope they talkin' bout the middle finger
Ran from the bullies till I got little bigger
I stand infront of you bullies wat you gon do nigga
Started ma way from the bottom, I fought ma nitemares
Quiet clear if you want it I got it right here
The only nigga who strong enuff to correct me
If ma mistakin' was a crime I deserve if they come arrest me
I must've been the baddest murtherfucker as young nigga for sure
Dumb as a kid ma lifestyles was immature
Shit is a metaphor but i'm only spittin it raw
Been infected with ghetto pain an infection without a cure
I give it pure dats why ma shits the hardest
Niggaz styles is too fake they ought to put em in a flea market
Everyday is a dollar i'm tryna see more
Riches is nothin need wealth so I can be more
Enuff of braggin' lets bring it back to the rap
I spit that dope that'll bring lucas back to the trap
I do it to you act like you never heard it
I murder all of you rappers im guilty gimme ma verdict
Walk a mile in my shoes you wanna know me
You get the fame and have em thinkin like damn this nigga owe me
Success will have em hatin on me I kid you not
Niggaz talkin they everywhere I be there and i see you not
I cum thru like the fire service, they make a way
Ma passion for music niggaz can never take away
I give u all I got, deserve what I get
I deserve wat I need take ma chances to earn what I get
Keep away from these niggaz they hold u back
Had love for a couple homies but they never showed it back
They be thinkin' they real until they fade to black
I gave you all I ever had you never gave it back
I only trust the smoke wen the light spark
Cos most these niggaz snakes they quick to give u a bite mark
The bullshit dead im so alive
I take an L to the face, blowin smoke to sky

Writers: Kwabena Boateng

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