Monument Monument - Sleep Well When You Get There

Hey love, where're you off to tonight?
Are you alright?
They say that things like this won't last,
But you know I'm honest
When I tell you that we'll be alright.
I'm bringing it down tonight.
If only for your eyes, I'm bringing it down.
I know this isn't home, but love, it will do.
At least until this all starts pulling through.
If you're worried, now they'll figure out the finest things
We talked about, just sleep well when you get there.
And we could really do some damage together
If we try, sleep well when you get there.
So here's to missing our flight home,
And never doing what we're told
Cause' I don't want to get too old.
No, I don't want to know.
And I don't want to get too old,
I don't want to forget.
And I don't want to keep myself from loving true
The only one I want to.
Cause it's always been you.
And it will always be you.
Forever, love.

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