Cloud kickers - A happier song

Put the picture in frame
Conveying the view
It's a beautiful game
That I'm playing with you
I was never the greatest believer
But I'm still praying for you
Gotta downplay with you
Hands on your hips
I'm swaying with you

A familiar pain
A different degree
It's a dangerous game
That you're playing with me
I said I'd always be a sinner
But still you're praying for me
No need to explain it to me

Trying to erase these lines we've drawn
Dancing in your room to a happier song
There's a lot of pressure that you're trying to take on
You need someone to tell you that you're not the only one

Trying to evade these types of thought
Dancing after midnight, you don't wanna be alone
It's been so long since you've been back home
Now let me be the reason that you keep on holding on

Writers: Cal Grant , Jake Leach

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