G.a. murdock - Doubt

When I dampen the fire that burns deep in me, and dilute the way I subject myself
All the fragments of thought get reflected in, the facets of excitement Ive held down
Time is the chain that captivates me, and in time you learn to express yourself
I've lost my face in objectivity, and forgotten how to trust my heart
When I can't start due to complacency, apathy seems like a safe place to be

This is a spinning where we contemplate, how our Love and fear surrounds us now
What will come after this, I just can't wait, For the present to move to this future thought

I've grown patient in places I could not contain, and restless in dreams I can satiate
Waiting to embrace all of my mistakes, as surprises from my unconscious thought

Defying the patterns that have defined me
Reaching out for some sort of novelty

Will I give up on love
Or complicate my trust
Just engage our fears
Because We built them up

I get sick with precision I try to display
Get rigid in how it presents itself
I am where I want yet I feel displaced
From the courage to let it all fall off

Compacted by the traumas of release
Lighting up for variety

Writers: Garrett Murdock

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