G.a. murdock - Cloud audio

My voice is caught in a cloud, and I can't hear the sound
This is the exhale out as I am coming down
I'm staring down the barrel of your smile
vacuumed in the black holes in your eyes

I'm almost back to the form I've been used to
Married to the cold as it passes through
Barely knowing my self as we pull in
Wrap me in hydrogen and skin

The light cascades again, and it will pull us up
A spectral beam;the iris of the sun
Shades of condensation pull us in
Terraced down by hues of the wind

I feel the warmth and I think "this must be love"
The tears I'm crying now, were once my blood
Moving through my heart, as it starts to race
All these polar bonds we cannot escape

Writers: Garrett Murdock

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