G.a. murdock - Seeds of pain

We were sailing through the aftermath
All the future intertwined with the past
Growing roots to separate from the transient
Holding youth, like well never be young again

It's the same eye in every storm
All that momentum inside everyone
Released to see the portrait of our wake
Chasing all the tails of my escapes

And where I bend and where I break
I have cherished all my mistakes
The memory of every cell
Knows the taste of pain so well

Ya when We grow and what we take
Is an evolution, caught in frame
The parts of me I give away
I hope I-don't abuse its beauty

I lost my self in the here and now
Fractured all over , I was barely around
Got real quiet to collect my soul
Condensed my spirit to be practical

In our culture of production
It's a gift when I can hold my tongue
Part of my trauma, is bottling up
And letting go of the things I love

Writers: Garrett Murdock

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