Michael Jones - How It Goes

I didn't know, that life was not only
Not only fun and games
Acting the fools, winking eyes at the girls
Who stand by the messy go round every night
You came along, but didn't act like all the other, girls from the neighbourhood
It never could, be misunderstood

This mysterious feeling, that's got hold of me
That's how it goes, when it come no one knows
Hit's you so silently ooh !
I didn't know, that meeting you could change
So many things that I see and do
How could I see, when you smiled back at me
That everything shone such a beautiful sight
Now that I know, that life without you can
No longer be even thought about It had to be, you're all part of me
The essential ingredient I can't do without
That's how it goes, when love comes no one knows
Hits you so silently but oh oh ho
Feelings are too hard to hide
Need you here by my side
Right from the start
You are my hope and my pride

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