Michael Jones - Promises

Say all the tings you said, and turn your back on me
I just can't understand how this all came to be
All of those promises you know you couldn't keep
All of those filthy lies, well how do you sleep
Some people make a lot of money

You read about them in the magazines
Though sometimes they can be very funny
When we watch them argue on T.V.
But their language is always the same
They always have their way
The opposition's the one to blame
You can't believe half of the things they say
Why did you, say all the things you said, and turn your back on me etc.
Some people have their credibility, writing stories in those magazines
Sometimes they know that it's not reality
They're the ones who put it on T.V.
Headline stories are their incentive, to help with their (?)
But sometimes they can be too inventive
So don't believe half of the things you hear

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