Forsamsonite - Sunset gelato (feat. 2k jaay)

Living too fast
Suffering slow
Look up at jay nigga po up sum more
Couple fiend money hungry niggas
Just trynna get to the dough
Light up a blunt aye
Drive to the sunset
Call up the plug
Cause dis ho want rough sex
Bitch ima hellhound in battle fuck dying up
in a vet
My blood different from the corrupted rest
After a journey abusing dem drugs
After a journey sippin dat mud
After a journey narcs getting me low
After a journey my emotions won't show
Baby throwing my weeed to the door tellin me to go
Bitch you know I know
Unidentified smoking our sins ash the truth around the globe

Posted smoking with my niggas lookin at the sunset at the beach
Wit some sunset gelato rolled in my blunt with yo bitch next to me
Rememis all the smiles
All the times
All the grins
All the lies
Bitch I'm

Writers: justin bonilla , samson carrasquillo

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