G-beatsz - Move with me

I'm seeing perfect vision now a days
This my year,time to get this bag
And turn heads when I pop out
Got em getting lite in the mail room turning up
I'm burning up,cause it's too crowded for the club
We vip ,and we still can't get a dub
Guess it's time for me to change it up
Ya niggas Streaks is up,imma make you niggas want to hate for something
If I ain't nice why they stealing all my ideas
Better recognize I'm on the rise,I won't stop here
I'm a make hit after hit until I'm top tier
Forget the asking I'm a do it on my own here
Then I make em move in the streets on any block like

Move to the left,move to the right,snap ya fingers now
what you thinking now get lite Mami
You know the vibe mami
She asking if I had a couple seconds,take ya time mami

New name ,new beats,guess change ain't enough,2020
I'm changing front,when you see me on the stage high
Blazing a blunt,in the booth locked like a cage,lyrically fit for days
I'm a bedstuy nigga nocopy cat
Finally got my own all alone where the honeys at
All ways on my grind,trying to find where the money
So I hit the club where the ballers and the divas at
Money don't fear no evil I got to get at that
Maybe if I show more interest ,then we can benefit
Put the brick in the whip,then I'm on to the next chapter
You can say what you want but I'm gonna get the cake after


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