Memphis bleek - Infatuated
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[Memphis Bleek]:
Yo breezy leave me some buzz

I love, love that thing you do
And I, cant keep my eyes[my eyes] my mind off you
I'm infatuated, and your my baby
And you complete me
Your number i'll call you and maybe we can hook up later
And keep it gangsta

[Memphis Bleek:]
My design one of a kind
Yeah i on my grind*
But shorty theres still trippin but i aint lost my mind
I just party and* bull**** my attitude im thug ma
They say im hood rich cuz i drive big cars
Get in twat , middle finger to cocks
They say when you meet the one all the thug should stop
*Met a* shorty in the morning on my way in ya'll
She was bad i didnt call on my day in ya'll[what]
Thats the rules we dont make them we dont break them
I dont sweat em, i forget em
And find a way to shake em. [what]
I put a holla to her
Spit life at her
She from the birds im from the jacks
Trust that* dont matta
She in the books true
I'm off* the books with the things i do
But thats between me and you
And i dont really *phone tag it* a lot
Im in the wagon a lot
With different dimes on the passenger side
I'm like


[Memphis Bleek:]
Everyday i'm on my grind**
But my mind's[mind]
On you[on you]
All the time[All the time]
And i scoop you like a soldier would*
I'm in the woods* top down like i dont got a hood
They say opposites attracting is true
Cuz girl im from the ghetto where the bundles removed
And you from where its cool and** its quiet at night
It aint no youngin who's supplyin that white. right?
But that's a different story lets get back to the night
You got a body, i can handle it right?[right?]
And i know you heard about me
Beyond the rumors about me
I'm the flyest little youngin could be[be]
And you see with us together
This money, *diamonds*, whatever
Lil mama is* you ridin' with me[me]
And I love the thing you do so baby girl never change
And forever we could do that thing cuz


[Memphis Bleek:]
Now you know my steeze
Cuz i aint gotta smoothe out to do that thang
And it only took the night to get it right
Grip it tight, Hit it right
Figure out that you a rider for life
Down for whatever
We go do it together
You know the boys style way beyond all the regular
I need to switch like a fiend need fix
Every G need a down ass chick to click
Thas it.


Writers: MALIK COX , Jeffrey Atkins , Irving Lorenzo , DEMI MCGHEE

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group , Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC , Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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