Azahriah - Kaprun

Little did I know, when You first started to call me
Call me by my name and actin' like i was somebody
But you can't even blame me for the things
That I've done in the past
When we argued a lot I was thinking about
That I never wanted to be sad

That's who I am
Dunno who You are
Who the fuck cares
You're just another one

There were times when there was a struggle to get over you
Blinden by the views I couldn't see the truth

2 graves but only 1 of us had to die today
I don't think I've let you won
I just let my soul fly away

Cause I got a lotta love but I don't wanna brag about it
Cause the only one who loved me is gone
And I could tell you 'bout the tunnel vision in my head but now i know
That I will never reach the stars

It's a pity, pretty shitty it's a messed up love
When I'm with you I think I'd rather be alone, bitch
And when I'm all alone I can't take a breath
Give us one more chance
I swear I'll do my best cause

Swear I'll do my best
Cause baby, baby I need your love, everyday
Reminisce baby, the memories made me so numb
I need your love, everyday, yuh
Carry the pain and the hate that You gave me I'm done

Writers: Bauko Attila

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