Meat Puppets - Fruit

It's a swamp
Just a jungle
Tigers slipping through all the time
Snakes and alligators
Want to have a piece of what is mine
I don't pay
No attention
To the nastiness going down
Just above me
Within my reach
There's plenty of good things hanging 'round

Fruit on the vine
Ice water fountains
Fruit on the vine
Fruit on the vine

I reach up for an apple
I grab an orange by mistake
I don't mind, it's alright
In the jungle, I get what I can take
Got a taste for
A taste of pomegranate too
Nevermind, I'll take a cherry
Any ripe and juicy one will do

My mouth is full
My face is messy
I'm feeling better with each bite
I take a break
For just a minute
But nothing satisfies
My appetite

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