Maximo park - Signal and sign

Well i've been waiting here for hours,
It's getting cold, position closed,
A new direction, a new dawn,
Consider this my formal complaint

I hope you felt cheated at home,
With all your lies, lies, lies, lies, lies
How long has it taken for you,
To look so fine, fine, fine, fine, fine

Dont waste your life, just go outside

Well i've been waiting to forget,
How the pieces all fell away,
You've left your home town, where you grew up,
I had'nt noticed how your accent had changed

Tell me did these lonely hands,
Rob your time, time, time, time, time
When was the signal divorced,
From the sign, sign, sign, sign, sign

Illumination and accusation,
I'd love to meet her but she wont see me

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