Matthew ryan - City life

City life, rain and on the street
I'd crawl back home if I thought she was asleep
The way we were, that soft and perfect kiss
Summer ends and it comes down to this

Marianne, we're in the blizzard now
We're the dream and fate's trying to be the plow
You got to fight with all the light in your skull
We've come too far to lay down by the side of the road

August one, my head was full of junk
You see in time a cruel pollution comes
She didn't cry until I opened up my mouth
We're headed north but my god this feels south
My God this feels south

I miss your smile, I miss the way you'd move
Before all this, before so much to lose
My eyes aglow and on the fire escape
Why's it get so quiet when there's so much to say?

I want that feel like a plane when it arrives
Where at the gate family waits with quiet smiles
And all is pure with a bright sense of relief
I can trust you love if you can trust me
If you can trust me

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