J. adams - Outro

I was raised up fuck bitches, never trust women, ain't no love in it
Get on that drank and I'm lusting
Get on that drank I need therapy
Get on that drank and I pop shit, fuck around end up on the blocked list
Guess a nigga just a option, yea
Swear I been thinking bout kissing them lips yea, tasting that crown and cranberry
All the good niggas going through hell cause all dogs go to heaven
Miscommunication, Static
Thought you was the one but you panicked
Shit I'm going crazy, Manic
I'm just asking god did he plan it, yea
All the love that I gave to you, All the time that I prayed for you, Not Enough
Put my heart on the line cause you worth it
Them bad vibes from my situations start to surface
I ain't Superman shit I'm starting to show I ain't perfect
I ain't even got the juice, went from watching you putting them scrubs on, to now I'm just a scrub to you
Boy its hard to face the fucking truth
Not enough yea, Not enough
Could a told a nigga when the times get rough, That you ain't really even down enough cause its not enough
Yea not enough

Writers: Jacolby Adams

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