G-beatsz - Run new york

My homies came alone,yeah we rocking out,who you popping on,cause we popping out
You know how we do ,walk in ten deep,henny in the gens,Grilling everything
I’m on the road everyday cause I’m free now, twelve on my back ,fuck em
Catch me on the rebound,I got a lot of things coming for the new year
Hope you niggas ready for the bars,that I bring here,boy midest touch
Yeah I’m about to light it up,I’m tired of these whack acts,none of ya original
How about ya change,cause I’m about to turn it up
Haters try to block,can’t stop I got the greatest luck
Niggas think they better let’s battle ,I bet I bar em up
Every track I have hope on make niggas change it up there’s more then once
Ya know what’s up,i ain’t gotta tell you bra,ask around city,they will tell who run bra
You know what they say rite,(what’s that)is what it is rite ,it is
You know what they say rite,(what’s that)is what it is rite ,it is
They say I run New York what,what,what,what,what,what
They say I run New York what,what,what,what,what,what
I told these niggas once I ain’t saying it twice
You can tell from my cadence I don’t care for advice
Left a mark on every track that I made in my life
Shot pistol in the air,to keep me warm in the night
I hustle hard,Regardless if these lames and the Ds watching
I’m still up all night I demand profit,you know me
I’m a handle mines,never been a gambler
I’m always trying to double mines
Anybody by my side,good ,all family ties
Niggas want to rumble we can hit the square anytime
Respect I ain’t asking for it nigga ,you about to give me mines
I’m raised from the slums nigga,never been a dumb nigga,I can tell
When a nigga plotting on my ones nigga,ether if I’m faded or im drunk
Im on point nigga,matter fact I’m a predator ,always on the hunt nigga
And I’m about to drop a cd out here every month nigga


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