Marvelous 3 - Cigarette lighter love song

And I know you're not asleep
I can feel you moving over there
You've been playing with the seams
In your worn out underwear
And my lips are raw as hell
From biting on 'em just to stay awake
But its not like I'm gonna need 'em,
Cause you won't be around
To see them bleed and break

All that ill do, comes back to you
So I'll just think about you 'til there's nothing in my head
All I can do, is try not to screw this up again
And just be friends I'd rather be dead

And I drove outta east Atlanta
With a headache the size of my car
And I called to say I was okay, anyway
Cause I know how you are
You know I'm like a movie without a ending
You know I got nowhere to go
And it makes me wanna throw up
To see you wanna give up more than you'll ever know


Everything's supposed to have a happy ending
But the record keeps keeps skipping
And the needle keeps bending
Like the road I'm driving to the bridge that has no end
I wanna take back everything that I've broken,
But the bridges behind me are burnin' and smokin',
I guess this is the end


Writers: David Robert Jones , BRADLEY GLENN WALKER

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC , BMG Rights Management , TINTORETTO MUSIC

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