Marvelous 3 - Radio tokyo

Seven hours later
She takes the elevator
To the second floor
To the underground commitee

That's where they'll decide if
You'll be praised or you'll be tied up
On the bathroom floor
As you scream for more

All the souls are dying
While the idiots are trying
To convince you that they're cooler
But they still don't know
They're about to lose control
And they'll be saying now

Calling radio Tokyo
The lines are down, you're good to go
Now can't you feel
This is real
Calling radio Tokyo
The kids are feeling way too low
They're on their knees
Won't somebody please just bring them home

Get out of the black car
On the sidewalk of the big stars
Of the now and then
Kinda feels a little late

Someone had a bad day
So they sold your soul on Ebay
With an 8 x 10
Autographed in pen



Seven hours later
They stopped the elevator
To the second floor
And there was no more



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