M+6 - Some trouble (feat. troublesome)

I picture my life as and action movie, bitch I'm Tom Cruise in a Nike hoodie
Livin' like I gotta lotta gualla chillin sippin guava posted smokin potless doobies
Scooby shaggy zooted, playin tag with money
Niggas laughin walkin cause they movin funny
And these groupies dummies, this ain't nun new, if it's a blunt what it do because
Troublesome got it
Rollin rollin off another L
Bad bitch, only rock Chanel
Gettin clientele out the ass lately
Man she don't even smoke she just hold it for me type of chick
Riding around with the 6, need me 6 ms, for the 6
Niggas ducking triple 6s, sick of pussy niggas
She lost in sauce and got found on the dick
Saw me last fall on some how are you shit
So i called to pullup and she sounded content
First she answered the call then she bounced in the whip
Now she call me a dog want some clout cause i hit
And her thoughts in the open she shout at the kid
And through all of the fussin she soundin so pissed
Then she start mouthin off bout the modeling biz
Then i tell her what lusting with honesty is
Pivotal move, just seen her ex and i told em she sorry for chillin with dude
She ain say nothin bout if it was true
She say she fuckin but it isn't you
Yeah she know what im bout im jus out here for fun
And she scoutin for one she can piece in her puzzle
She trippin or sum
Called me childish and dumb
But we here now and young so lets get in some trouble

Writers: Morris McPherson

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