Markus Fagervall - For Once

Like mars and venus - there are
Lightyears between us - there are
So many roads that lead astray
But I'm on my way

Across my borders - into
Uncharted waters - with you

No clouds of doubts that fill the air
I soar towards your atmosphere
I'm getting there

For once I'm on to something real
For once someone beliveves in me
For once I've found - a better way
For once I feel - unafraid

You leave that light on for me
You see who I want to be
You came and changed my point of view
Now all signs point to you

I'm on track it's all happening so fast
One step ahead of my past

As if each dead end street I ever ran
Was somehow part of a bigger plan
And now here I am

For once I'm on to something real...

I'm alive
I'm in love
I am somebody to someone that I trust

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