Malevolent Creation - The Cardinal's Law

Years of abuse hidden over time lives are shattered by hideous crimes
Using religion abusing their faith to trap their adolescent paey
Ignoring the signs to turn the other cheek predators'
Preservation for the weak
Faulting all others accepting no blame this has been the cardinal's way

Never spoken up he always knew
The cardinal's law hiding the truth
Secret now crumbles for the priests... this sickness now has to cease
Spreading like a horrible virus they are sent to another perish
Unknown of the fear they'll bring to their followers and offspring
Kept in the dark for too many years
This sick reality now becomes clear
Its time for all to open your eyes they all
Have been feeding you lies

Sick and twisted acts of depravity
A disorder he helped create and now he must face
All trust shattered by the many years of lies
A man of the cloth whose morals have been lost

A media blitz revealing the facts knowledge of these abhorrent
Acts he possessed but never unveiled all decency now as failed
Now he's lost and can't provide places for these fuckers to hide
He's the one who chose this path time to face the wrath.

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