M.I.A. M.I.A - Bird Flu

Big on the underground, what's the point of knocking me down?
Everyone knows I'm already good on the ground
Most of us stay strong, shit don't really bound us
Then I go on my own making bombs with rubber bands

I have my hard down so I need a man for romance
Streets are making 'em hard so they're selfish little roamers
Jumping girl to girl, make us meat like burgers
When I get fat I'll go pop me out some leaders

A protocol to be a Rocawear model?
It didn't really drop that way, my legs hit the hurdle
A protocol to be a rocker on a label?
It didn't really drop that way, our beats were too evil

But I put away paper for later so I'm stable
A better something better come so I could get cable
Ghetto pops, food drops, I store them in my stable
Cook 'em up, pop 'em down, eat 'em off my table

The village got on the phone said the street is coming to town
They wanna check my papers, see what I carry around
Credentials are boringm, I burnt them at the burial ground
Don't order me about I'm an outlaw from the badlands

Put away shots for later so I'm stable
Live in trees, chew on feet, watch "Lost" on cable
Bird flu gonna get you, made it in my stable
From the crap you drop on my crop when they pay you

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