M People - Love Rendezvous

Kidnap me just for one night,
The Earth will pass by if the ransom is right.
Don't worry I won't cause you any harm
My only weapon is my charm.

Because I've got no plans
I've got no time to waste.
I am the goddess of your own good taste
Hold me there, hold me so tight
Kidnap me, I won't put up a fight, because...

You and me, a love rendezvous somewhere in paradise.
You and me, a love rendezvous of love that's out of sight.

Paddy's a horse and Stevie got uptight.
But I'm a tellin' you everything is alright.
I'll make a drop, I'll honour the deal
We'll be love banditos it'll feel so real.

You name the place, I'll name the time.
Just come along, it'll be so sublime.
I wanna feel good deep in your arms
I wanna bathe in your own sweet charms


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