U.b.o.n.g - Real is back (feat. iver rivers)

What’s up Iver Rivers?
Uhh, allow me to introduce myself
My name is U.b.o.n.g this is a note to self
So listen, I picked up a pen
And I started writing
Cause I took a look at Nigerian hip-hop
And this real shii is missing
So I started thinking
What if I promised y’all change?
And I got the throne
Would I switch up on promise like a politician?
Hell nah!
Money's not the reason I came on this mission
Bring the real shii back
A rap attack, I be spitting on a track
Till y’all admit that this boy can rap
The boy is black
Took a bite out the apple
Yeah this boy so Mac
Came to show these rappers shii they lack
And we came for the kill
You niggas came for the thrill
So y’all niggas should chill, we ill
Flow cold, so dope
You would think I was that
Tall dread head rapper straight from the ville
Cole world!
Aye!! The real is back
Tell em that it’s we
And that’s a fact
Oh God!! talk to em
They can’t counter back
See the game needs change
Get a quarter back
Good Lord!
The real is back
Tell em that it’s we
And that’s a fact
Talk to em
They can’t counter back
See the game needs change
Get a quarter back
Catch me with the shadiest niggas
Hug the steps while I’m walking
The fucking gradient nigga
Protect my space
Oh bitch you know I been an alien nigga
Shaky shaky uh
The state I left the lady in nigga
And what they paying in nigga?
Riding alone
Ass on the throne
Lighten your tone
You don’t want none
These niggas phony
I'll make a call summon the hommies
Get em involved
She suck my toes
When we making love
No She ain’t a hoe
She just like to fuck
Damn right!
This shii more than you want
This shii more than your ass can take
Sit still! Gaddamn!
No cap like church for dick owners
No cap, clean cut I don’t need covers
No lapse, I’m running this shii over
Fall back, you’re bound to refill vultures
No gap, this flood never need no pause
Tell a bitch nigga duck
‘Fore you lose your jaws
Underneath these drawers
Where your bitch gon’ prawl
Why you act like broads
Never dealt with frauds
Shii my team all gods
On the scene you fucked
The machine don’t
The machine gon’ pop
All you niggas gon’ fall for the pistol
I’m not just tryna become just anybody
I’m aiming for the king of kings
Sarkodie, obedeponpedi
I’m cocky cause I need to be
Smarter cause I need to be
Blowing on trees
Cause the sky is where I need to be
All those rap mehn it’s fuck boy chat
Don’t be impressed by those bars
Those are fuck boy raps
Money’s gonna leave you empty
If you just want that
I’m just tryna inspire
Please tell me that you can fuck with that
Cause nobody knows
The kinda the feeling that I get
When I be writing all these bars
Dropping subliminal rhymes
Salivating on the beat
Like I’m hungry for ham
See I could hurt you
And still don’t mean any harm
Plus I’m a boss, with a course
And I came in with my squad
Steady blowing on that w***
No we don’t fuck with em cigars
About to blow up like we bombs
Nobody knew who we was
We are stars
If you don’t like us?
The problem is yours
But the real is back!

Writers: Peter Sunday , Iver Rivers

Lyrics © DistroKid

Lyrics licensed by LyricFind