P-dexx - Caught up

Yea fasho I'm fired up, burnin louder
Pack in order got me feelin sharper fuckin this bitch
All in it know I'm caught up say she wanna baller

Imma shot caller say you want these dollars know
I'm tryina holla you grabbin on my collar
Baby you a scholar the way you do it know you in the honors
Got me feenin all night, girl you know we in flight
Damn you know im tryina hit it, makin moves im gon slide
Trippin how you get into it, girl you know im inside
Fuckin on no time to quit it, yea im deep you know we high
Girl we seein eye to eye

Im bout to take them panties off you girl
Sayin how you feelin lost for sure
I'm make sure we find the same place
Swear we sweatin like we in a race
Got that feelin bae you say the same
That pussy killer I been losing my brain
We in a thriller suspense gettin great
A motion picture yea its a beautiful thing

Writers: Andrew Poindexter

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