P-dexx - Rockin'

Gone off patron already know I'm in the zone crazy
Rockin strong yea you know I'm off wit it

Nonstop gotta go and get it
Blowin smoke all day countin digits
Mind on my business, fuckin on bad bitches got an addiction
Gettin hard in it fuckin up the spot viscious make her cum in minutes
Wakin neighbors up with the sounds hittin
Keep knockin repetitious smoke barely
Clearing the room aint being quiet with it acting out yea
We might need a bishop, foreign whippin speed hard in it yea
I'm in my mode new Patek on my arm sound the alarm ya
Boy gon dumb thus far cant get enough feelin on
Hazy vision at home flexin on a bad broad
She take it all, shown uff baby girl workin hard, imma handle ya

Gassed up already still blowin packs of that kush
Niggas keep sayin shush time to book out see what shawty bout
Take her on the fash route chillin downtown lounging around
Then back to the crib got you droppin them panties now

Writers: Andrew Poindexter

Lyrics © DistroKid

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