P-dexx - To the guap

To the guap yea, ain't no stoppin it, im on top of it, yeah im off the shits

Gettin to the guap is nothin, turn that lil shit to somethin everyday
I'm makin moves, all the way to the moon
Stackin my shit up just copped the rollie yea its cool
Dont look at the time though it be rude
When I'm talkin you better listen up cuz im all about the dough bet
I make it snow jewelry 3 below yea im froze
I do the most dont wanna be controlled already had enough
She put that pussy on me imma tear it up aint know way
She lettin up wit a real nigga imma run it up
Buy that Chanel bag for you aint no bluff runnin through the streets high as fuck,
Living it up off the ground sayin this is what you waitin for

Countin the bands yea I'm the man, copped that rifle
With the scope stash it away so it don't blow too focused on my goals
Already know I'm feelin how I should watchin the money move overflow
I'm all out here we go feelin clean already know

Writers: Andrew PoindexterL

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