S.a.v. - Friend zone

You don't understand me
When I say that
Keep it low key
I thought I made it clear
When I said that
You ain't for me
We were homies
Never lovers
You were just a brother
Until you wanted to uncover
All the feelings you were feeling
No denying, no concealing
Left it open for revealing
No kissing no hugging
Saw you more like a cousin
Try to get me how you wanted
Knew you had to be confronted
Cause you insisted on bluffing
Now you're really nothing, you're nothing to me
I just got to keep it real
This wasn't the deal my friend
But you wanted to be petty
Start acting all jealous
Good thing it's all ended
Situation is pathetic
It's all over, confetti
And without you
I'm getting money
Said you're grown
But act so mini
Said you're different
You're so silly
Didn't mean to write this song
The words just came right along
I really hope you moved on
Since youve been in the friend zone

Writers: Sierra Velez

Lyrics © DistroKid

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