012 - These are the times '99

Dedicated to tha Class of 1999 Eternal (For eva)
Nine-Nine 4-Life y'all...

These are the times we all live for
Praying they'll last forevermore
Holding to memories living in our minds
Until the end of time
And it was the way we hoped it would be
Standing close by you, close by me
Forget about saying godbye, cuz true
Friendships never die

Thinking 'bout the times we were
Standing there by each other
Sharing good times, sharing pain
Without you could I take the rain?
No. It just wouldn't have been the same (no)
Now we must go our separate ways
And look forward to more bright days
But reminisce and realize
We don't have to say goodbye


Gotta stay strong to move on
As this brand new lifetime dawns
Here it comes, we can't delay it
Come on, hold on, say it, pray it
As it comes we gotta play it
(I know)
We've got so much too live for
(And I know)
The pain is to real to ignore
(But I know)
That we ain't leaving no one
Cuz our world has just begun.


I feel the end is near, though not to our unity
I know the air is clear enough to be set free
We have been unfurled, let's warn the world
Of what we're proud to be.. (baby, yeah)

[Repeat Chorus and fade...]

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