Her Space Holiday - Self Helpless

In the time it took to pack and leave he could
Have come to terms with his disease, but he filled his house with gasoline
And held the match for everyone to see, he cried out to the gathered crowd
Look at what you've done, I hope you're proud, you have made a fool of me
When all I've ever tried to do is please all of you, and never me

Time, it moves so slow, we're growing old
But are we really growing up?
Things we can't let go wrap around our throats
Until there's nothing left to do but choke

He thought he found the perfect place, a little town to bury his mistakes
But when he finally settled in, the songs about his life began to spin
As he heard the broken verse, the truth about himself came out and burned
His panicked heart's a starting gun, he hears the beat and feels the need to run
To anywhere, to anyone

Time, it moves so slow when you're future's unknown
When what you want is what you had
Friends, they come and go, but you're always alone
After all, that is what you're owed

My friend, don't you know you're making it harder now
Than it needs to be, just settle down
As you lie in your bed and try and relax
With your favorite dream it will work out
And your family is there, we all got your back
And they all look so pleased, just try and relax

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