Cold moon - Di

You say, we don't have the time. 
Knowing full well we can make it. 
I know full well I can take it. 
But you got your head turned on. 
Some mornings I watch you walk into the light. 
And you may never say, never say, 
What's on your mind. 
Two lives, 
I know love, I know love. 

And at four in the morning,
Saying oh my, oh my. 
If there ever was time to say
Hey Di, hey. 
Hey Di. 

Leave the doors open wide. 
Cus nobody knows when you'll get outside.
Hoping you know when you'll get outside.
Tell me everything, everything. 
That's on your mind. 
Two lives, 
I know love, I know.  

At last I can breathe that I'm home now. 
Wasn't it clear that she wanted you so bad. 
Yes I'll admit that I've slowed down. 
Come embody real love, 
And meet me home now. 

Writers: Jack Sullivan , Kevin Ambrose , Mike Ambrose , William Joseph Levy

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