Charlie parr - Last of the better days ahead

Money can't buy back that ʼ64 Falcon that you sold in your 20s and then regretted it was gone because you thought it contained some meaning or some answers to a life that you never bothered to question or even take a good close look at

And it broke your heart to see how it had been so important from the feeling of the steering wheel to the rubber on the road and now it's grown to unrealistic proportions in your mind

Now you're in your 50s why can't you forget how the chrome bumpers shined in the sun if you could just go back even for a minute you could forget how you don't even know what it was you've lost

Why do you always feel so empty in spite of all you have were those feelings you remember even real and were they honestly about some junky old Falcon or any other thing that you could own

Because now it's all so stale and you feel so very old like you've taken all your chances and tossed them all aside for some stupid piece of metal like shiny bits of trash that line the stolen nest of a greedy neighborhood crow

So you drive back to your hometown to visit with your past but nothing looks the same anymore except you can see all that you squandered while you were shining all that chrome you were handed all you needed without cost but you were too blind to see it and you took it all for granted now you wanna complain - tell me just what was it that you've lost

And now you start to panic and your gas is running low and you need to find some meaning before you're stranded on the road and when the engine finally dies near a soybean field at dusk you just sit and watch the sunset turn the entire sky to rust

Writers: Charlie Parr

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