Cloudchord - Slowly
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Can we run away, from this day, and we’ll start anew again
Just you and me, the open sea, a new chapter with no end
We can go slow

Every day that you say, that this wasn’t what you dreamt
My heart breaks, that this future wasn’t what you meant
You’re still holding on to the hope that all is true
And it’s so beautiful that you never knew
We can go slow

And we can go

When I rest my head in the nape of your soft neck
I know I’m home, and my troubles they can step
We will watch all the storms that come
As they bluster and they blow
Holding hands, we will know, we will know

And we can go

(We’ll look back at these times and we’ll marvel at the scars
We’ll be looking at the brightness of a brand new set of stars
Sitting back, sunset’s due, I will look at you…)

Writers: Derek VanScoten , Trevor H. Oswalt

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