Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Falling or Flying

We got lost again,
Drove to the end of a road.
And a red faced man,
Taught us to do what we're told.
And on the 23rd night,
Things ain't bad,
But things ain't right.

Are we falling or flying,
Are we falling or flying,
Are we living or dieing,
I guess we'll never know.

The air's so heavy,
It could drown a butterfly,
If it flew too high.
And I get the feeling,
That the truck driver ain't shy,
Cause he's looking at me,
But nowhere near my eyes.

And on the 35th morning,
Things ain't good,
But things ain't boring.


Striking right but hitting gold.

Sometimes it's hard to tell,
If theres a life behind this song.
But I know tomorrow,
Today won't feel so long.
Cause on the 42nd night,
The room is dark but the stage was bright.


Cause my friend THIS TOO SHALL PASS,
So play every show like it's your last.

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