N.a. patron - Yo happy days

Yo Happy days
Yo Happy days
I just wanna live life
And I wanna get paid
I woke up today
And I told myself hey
Straighten up your ways
And have more to say
Ride out to town and
Smile and wave
Change some more lives before you're dead in your grave

Get high off this energy and move this way
Get high off this energy and move this way

I should kiss my momma a little more often
Sometimes I'm scared, to let myself soften
I'll be there, I'll be there, I'll there
They already expect me not the be there
That's my fault, they know me well
But what can I say
I'm a child, I play
I promise I'll grow up one day
I may

Give love to the family they got me to today
Give give give love, give love

Patron on the ice, rocks, today was a good day
Chilling at home didn't do a, thang
Blessings on blessings coming in like life lessons
Studio time feeling like therapy sessions
Did I get it right
Mmm did I get it right, yeah
And hey go get a hobby
To many friends don't feel happy, feel happy
Go out today with a smile on your face
It'll be okay, be okay
I've got an appointment at eight
Shrimp and steak
Ask me how I'm doing well I'm doing great
And the funny thing is I'm not being fake
I know how it feels, I was there like yesterday

I hope you have a good day
I hope you have a good day
Good day, good day
Mmm hope you have a good day

Writers: Noah Parton

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