F.b.r.k - The ticket

The last shit i done dropped might of not been hot but i still fw it
All my haters hopping ONE DAY that i don't POP you gone really fw this

Don't be sharing my shit see me in person and tell me that you really fwm
You niggas is fake corny asf fuck if you like it then i love it then

Making moves all day like im door dashing BUSSIN DROPS
Splurging out just spending bands yeah
Get it how it i live by any means don't give af what they say yeah

So i be on the block wit da rock dimes and dubs serving feins all day yeah
Trapping the loud not the quiet when you walk past you gone hear me yuh

Going hard all year i'm up next give af if y'all wanna hear me tho
Coming right at ya necks y'all got no choice but to fucking hear me yo

Coming for all my royalties cause i need my fucking DOE
I know my worth and that doesn't involve me being fucking broke

When you hear this don't hmu saying this really hot bro
Cause i promise when i blow up you won't have a spot beside "Bro"

Saying i don't show love no more it's cause you never showed love before
I am the ticket if you ain't wit maybe you just retarded then

I be spitting that shit all facts you know i can't lie to my fans
"Do anything for clout" Me? I think not i just want them bands

Gotta take care of myself yeah gotta take care of my fam
Not ifs butts or in between
Gotta get it how you live yemean

Do this for my fucking bro been telling y'all it's for my team
TTS till the deaf of me
TNGM is what i'm repping B

No you can not step to me
If i don't know you B
Im holding and its packed
So you better back back

Homie you don't wanna get whacked
I'll leave yo body where it drop at
R.I.P you on the T-shirt
Now you can't come back

Gotta keep it on me
Can't depend on nobody to have my back
Gotta run my money up
Even if it over stack

Really got my L's
So i ain't really on ever lack
Pussy nigga run up
He gone get his shit mushed backed
Niggas stay tryna shove
So ima push tf back
Niggas stay tryna shove
So ima push tf back

Writers: Kendra Burnside

Lyrics © DistroKid

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