K. craig - Foreign bucket / inner freak

Bad lil Foreign
In my foreign ride
Two door shawty
Make her jump inside
Fish tailin down the block
No black ice
Skrt skirt get ghost
Outta sight
5, 5 wit them thick thighs
Got an ass that'll siren off police lights
Drop that thang low
Let that shit hit the flo
Back it up slow I need mo
Mix the liq wit the dro
Man this shit free my soul
I make that preroll explode
Backwoods coat my throat
I inhale exhale the smoke
So in the zone we might not make it home
Mutha fuck twelve
Aint no stopping this hoe
I am on ten
They can't fuck wit this flo
Call me El Papi
This fresh off the boat
I assure reassure
Quote fuckin unquote
Thats A foreign in a foreign ride
She fuck wit me cause I got drive
Let her test drive in the foreign ride
Make her ass jump up in the inside
Thats a double entendre
Let her know she working wit a monster
Yeah, In my two bucket
Fuck it
I know how to get this bitch jumpin
Seat cline back smokin gaunga
Got it hot box like a sauna
Shit we jus doin what we wanna
In this bitch tryna reach nirvana
Shawty got status quo like Madonna
Ima bite down like piranhas
Yeah, Ima make her mind wander
Get it live this my fuckin car concert
My foreign diva she roll up my reefer
Indica dominate me no sativa
Unload these speakers
And peak out these meters
My mamacita I know how to please her
Deeper and deeper I climax beneath her
90's young baby
I cousin skeet her
My foreign teacher so hot
Melt the freezer
Airplane modes on the phones
Nobody can reach us
Thats a foreign in a foreign ride
Two door shawty make her jump inside
Thats a foreign in a foreign ride
Thats a foreign in a foreign ride
Let her know she workin wit a monster
Thats that inner freak shit
Inner freak shit
Thats that inner
Tell me what it is right now
Whats good
My mind so up in the clouds
I don't wanna come down
I can't come down
Might never come down
This feelin gonna be for awhile
Somethin gotta hold on me
Controlin me no release
On repeat
No sleep
No peace
Tryna get between them sheets
Make ya body weak
Fulfill yo fantasy
Be the air you breath
You kno I'm cooler than the A/C
Young Harry Houdin
Gots some tricks up my sleeve
You can roll the dice
Bet it all on we
Bet it all on me
Yeah ya boi got steeze
I'ma pull up
Ima drop off this "D"
Pardon my inner freak
Ima give you want you need
And give you want you want
From the back to the front
From the front to the back
Lay up on that stomach flat
Beat it like a drum to the sound of the track
Clap clap
Round of applause
From the south to the north
Ima break ya ass off
Have you screaming like a AP track yes lawd
Wake ya neighbors next door at 4 in the morn
Rumble in the jungle
Rancho Cucamonga
Aquatic scuba diver
Girl I'm bout to go under
Explore ya habitat make dat kitty cat suffer
Then eat ya ass up fa breakfast lunch and supper
We ain't gone waste no time
Girl ima blow ya mind
Then ima blow ya spine
Throw it from behind
Ima make ya max climb
We ain't gon waste
We ain't gon waste
We ain't gon waste no time


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