N.h.t - Double lover

If I hit it once she wont let me leave gotta hit it twice
Just to be polite I get her extra rite
Keep them angles so she hit the light
The way I'm in her spirit got it feeling kinda poltergeist
She want me to kill it but I cant will it, this is just a heist
She smack her teeth and then say that ain't right
See that ain't fair but this is life
I'm moving forward but I'll be back
Cal- cu- later you can count on that
Catch you later, no vaccine in fact
You should call a friend to contract this contact
In prompt to, now my head be where her thighs at
Roots wet but so is the sex so nevermind that
Only drama on my line, "oh no I'm next"
Then she up the anti, talking complex high flex
I call the play she say ok, yea I'm blessed

Writers: Daymeon Holley , Kyndran Brown

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