N.h.t - H.b.c.u

I stay wit dem bands
Like I went to State or Bethune-Cookman
This gotta be Gods plan
I'm loving this energy
It's looking over me
Dont try approaching me
To her I'm as big as a mountain she can not get over me, there is a viewing fee
Oceans apart yet she where she wanna be, so this what its gonna be
Ima keep planting these seeds, I'm growing some money trees
This is the season of shade, so you probably shouldn't stand under me
This is not personal I got a rep to keep
so love me or hate me this what its gonna be
No I'm not whipping the latest
but could still pull your lady
That's not up for debating
Salt from the hatas
Assault if you playin
MJ wit the glove
Neo in the matrix
I straighten the plug
No need for a gimmick
My name is the statement

She said the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.
You gotta show me the proof
I promise you I ain't a Alpha but baby I been off that juice
And he ain't no Kappa but he keep a stick when he move
Dont ask me for proof
Cuz I'll point and he'll shoot
Just like a camera man do

Writers: Daymeon Holley , Kyndran Brown

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