Your 3xxx - Riddem (feat. té max)

My back is against the wall
The cold isnt cold at all
I remember when it all used to be simple

I used to hear drums while kissing
Back when My heart was aware i was living
Now A part of me has gone missing
My mind would say now that i am tripping
My heart is sayin nigga just listen
You all about blessings
So why is u tripping?
Ive lost a part of me
N hell yeah I miss it
My intentions r way way way different
I like wat im sipping
Never a sipper
Now all i want r big bottles of liquor
Never my vision
Fuck it, it is what it is
Fuck all the money
The bank is my kitchen
Whatever I need
I can just whip it
I aint with complaining
I aint with the bitching
Sometimes i just wanna let one bitch in
See what im pitching
But u aint a batter
Used to be worse
Now im Way badder
I have no appetite
Still eat these rappers
Heart is confused
My style is still dapper
I wont be a liar
Never a capper
I put my past behind me
To see what would happen
Sometimes its good
Other times its the bad end
I am now Jasmine
And Im Aladdin
More than a hero
A fucking Paladin
My insides r shriveled
My sex drive is saddened
My trust has been broken
My mind has been damaged
Carrying big bags
But never no baggage
Dont need nobody
I swear i can manage
Used to be patient
But now ima savage
Ive lost all my marbles
Im gone off the wagon

I just wanna feel the rhythm
Inside of me again
So let the drums in
Please bring the drums in

I just wanna feel the rhythm
Inside of me again
So let the drums in

Writers: Jasmine Ortiz

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